REA References

Background of the REA (Resource, Event, Agent) model which this vocabulary is based on:

Bill McCarthy's REA papers

McCarthy's original 1982 REA paper

REA ontology paper

Singapore REA Learning Tool

Extending REA from internal business systems into larger economic networks:

Radically Distributed Supply Chain Systems

A semantic model for Internet supply chain collaboration a little dated and most of the internal links are broken, but still useful

ISO Accounting and Economic Ontology based on REA.

International Standards Organization, “ISO 15944-4: Information Technology – Business Operational View – Part 4: Business Transaction Scenarios – Accounting and Economic Ontology,” Second Version of International Standard, The International Organization for Standards (ISO), Geneva, Switzerland, April 2015. (Link connects reader to request for free copy of certain ISO standards; reader then chooses to ask for 15944-4-2015.)

McCarthy ISO slide deck

REA Beyond the Enterprise

From private ownership to commons accounting

Besides REA, the other main core concept is dependent demand. We do event-driven Resource Requirements Planning based on that pattern. Dependent Demand - a Business Pattern